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Your business success Is based on you IT system's performance and the infrastructure that is supporting it, and this can be compromised by an ever increasing number of factors in today's business critical IT Solutions. Having confidence in your network cabling infrastructure is the first step to a successful and resilient network. First Choice Cabling & Fm's Cabling Audit aims to achieve;

- A full survey of your cabling infrastructure
- Cabinet locations and free space
- Potential bottlenecks and areas of weakness identified
- Supply test results (If required) in electronic and paper format if required
- Recommendations for improvement and growth in your network

Once the cabling audit is complete our experienced staff can discuss the audit with you including the next steps and this could include;

- Update any legacy cabling infrastructure including re-patching existing cabinets
- Repair any faulty links
- Free ports
- Maximise network performance
- Organise cables
- Discuss business requirements from the cabling infrastructure & provide advice on a way forward.

Cabling Audits are often seen as not needed. It’s easy to assume that the cabling for your business network and telecommunications is something that can be safely ignored once it has been installed. However, that’s not the case, especially if it’s a few years old. Networks tend to evolve over time, with ad-hoc additions often being made to accommodate extra machines or office re-organisations. The problem is that often these additions don’t always get properly documented, and if the IT staff who installed them leaves your business you can end up with difficulties when trouble shooting or making more changes. Carrying out a cabling audit is the answer. Call us on 01604 632555

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